Looking at this beautiful 6-year-old Labrador retriever-shepherd mix, you would never know anything was wrong. But, get ready to have your blood boiled.

After being brought to a shelter in Chicago called One Tail At A Time, Porkchop was having some urinary problems so his 'foster mom' took him to the vet. It was then that doctors discovered 50 BBs were lodged inside Porkchop after he had been shot at multiple times.


Huffington Post touches on Porkchop's story:

The dog came to the shelter "a couple weeks ago" via a partner shelter in Carbondale, Ill., after his former owner died. And though the shelter does not know many details of Porkchop's history, they learned the dog had been living outside and wandering his neighborhood before he was was rescued. Through the southern Illinois town's grapevine, they learned he was likely shot at by neighbors during that period.

But,the shelter One Tail At A Time posted the picture above on Facebook and the amount of support and donations started pouring in. Also, a number of Amazon wish list items like food and treats were donated and went directly to Porkchop.

The vet says that Porkchop won't need the BBs removed and that he will do just fine without getting them removed. I try to figure out exactly why somebody would need to shoot at a dog in the first place. Maybe the dog was on their property and people were sick of it? Why not call animal control? But, to shoot the dog with a BB gun? 50 TIMES!!! Totally unacceptable...

What do you think?