You might be surprised to see how many bars are packed on Christmas day.  This is a list of bars in Western New York that will be open on Christmas.

Not everyone is surrounded by family on Christmas.  And lets be honest...some people would prefer NOT to be surrounded by their family on Christmas.  Some times you just want to go out to celebrate. Then there are the people who consider the people at the bar their family...

Regardless, for all of those people, Step Out Buffalo put together an awesome list of bars that will be open this year on Christmas Day.

The list includes:

  • Caputi's Sheridan Pub

  • JP Fitzgeralds (Hamburg)

  • Nietzsche’s

  • Duke’s Bohemian Grove Bar

  • Bar Louie at Walden Galleria

  • Lenox Grille

  • Gene McCarthy’s

  • The Old Pink

  • Electric Avenue

  • Doc Sullivans

There are lots more!  Check out their list right here for addresses and hours!


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