Sure Thanksgiving is one of the biggest food days of the year, but what if you don't feel like cooking or maybe you don't want to worry about the dishes that evening?

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Not everyone wants to sit around and gorge themselves on turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pies. Some people might have to work, some people might not have family close by, and some people might not want to deal with the hassle of cooking a feast.

So what do you do? You head out for dinner. Most places will be closed on Thanksgiving, but there are some places that will be open for business and while it might be the same as your Aunt's homemade green bean casserole, you can still get a great meal.

There are plenty of places in Western New York that will be open on Thanksgiving. Most of these places will have varying hours so before you put the turkey back into the fridge you better make sure that the location you want to go to is indeed opened at the time you want to do.

Some of these places will also be open later on Thanksgiving so if you plan on heading out early Friday morning to grab some deals, you have a chance to fuel up with some food and drinks.

Also if you are like me and love to eat, you can head over to your in-law's house have an early dinner, a couple of drinks, and then head to one of these places for a late-night meal or snack, or even watch the Buffalo Bills game that evening.

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