We're all in this together -- inside our own homes. So here's 106 different things to do while we all ride out the COVID19 quarantine.

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1. Make PJs your first choice for fashion.

2. Draw along with The Art Hub for Kids on YouTube and elevate your homeschool art classes.

3. Take a day trip to hike at one of the state parks (just mind your social distancing).

4. Drink wine & cook.

5. Eat all the things you just cooked.

6. Nap in the middle of your work-from-home workday.

7. Have a happy hour with your friends via videoconference.

8. Read the book you've been wanting to read but just didn't have the time to.

9. Go for a bike ride in Delaware Park

10. Organize your wardrobe into "daytime sweatpants" and "nighttime sweatpants."

11. Do the drive-through farm tour at Kelkenberg Farm in Clarence.

12. Unleash your inner landscape photographer and take photos of WNY's most beautiful places (without any people crowding your shot!).

13. Finally finish a game of Monopoly with your kids.

14. Devote some time to growing your hobbies.

15. Go on a "virtual field trip" and explore some of the world's greatest museums on YouTube.

16. Have a backyard picnic.

17. Go on a teddy bear scavenger hunt in your neighborhood.

18. Long walks with your dog.

19. Work on your putting game in the yard.

20. Take a drive to Niagara Falls and see it without crowds.

21. Learn to make whipped coffee (aka TikTok coffee).

22. Cleaning -- anything and everything.

23. Get out the sidewalk chalk and write inspiring messages for others.

24. Having dinner together with your family every night, now that no one has activities to get to.

25. Make your own hand sanitizer.

26. Take a road trip up the Niagara Wine Trail and get a free hand sanitizer fill-up.

27. Re-organize your garage or shed.

28. Visit Disney World -- virtually, of course, via YouTube.

29. Put your Christmas lights back up.

30. Doing a home workout.

31. Do a deep conditioning hair mask.

32. Watch a living room concert online.

33. Start a garden for the first time.

34. Be your own bartender and perfect a signature cocktail.

35. Finally learn how to fold a fitted sheet.

36. Keep a journal.

37. Do a COVID19 time capsule with your kids.

38. Make a no-sew face mask from old Lularoe leggings.

39. Make a fabric face mask with a sewing machine.

40. Hike at Akron Falls.

41. Try a new photo app for your phone.

42. Play Animal Crossing.

43. Re-watch The Office from the beginning.

44. Playing Jeopardy with Alexa.

45. Competitive Uno games.

46. Make jewelry.

47. Redecorate your home office for maximum work from home mojo.

48. Watching classic Sabres and Bills games.

49. Dramatically announce what day of the week it is, and keep asking your family what day is it.

50. Visit the murals and take pics without people getting in the way!

51. Enjoy the freedom of not wearing a bra.

52. Enjoy the freedom of pants being optional.

53. Watch season 3 of Ozark (you won't regret it!).

54. Rearrange the furniture in your home to change your scenery up a bit.

55. Try new local restaurants for take out, and give yourself a break from cooking.

56. Gas prices are low! Do a Sunday Drive any day of the week.

57. Reach out to an elderly neighbor to see if they are ok.

58. Send dinner to a friend/family.

59. Facetime with your parents and grandparents.

60. Virtually shop for Easter candy at Sweet Jenny's and have it delivered!

61. Finally pair up all the loose socks in your house.

62. Build epic couch forts.

63. Get take-out adult beverages!

64. Check out the Niagara Park Interpretive Program on Facebook and up your homeschool science game.

65. Listen to your favorite albums from beginning to end.

66. Play with different Zoom backgrounds or be the potato at your next meeting.

67. Learn to solve a Rubik's cube.

68. Download Duolingo and learn a new language.

69. Good old fashioned cuddle time.

70. Meditate -- try an app like Calm.

71. Watch all the Oscar-nominated films.

72. Go through photos on your phone and finally make a photo album.

73. Look at refinancing loans while interest rates are down.

74. Cry your face off watching Onward on Disney+.

75. Do an indoor scavenger hunt.

76. Do your own nails with an at-home dip powder kit.

77. Practice not touching your face.

78. Make a list of all the things you want to do when this is all over.

79. Learn to dance via YouTube.

80. Get pick-up wings from Bar Bill.

81. Put makeup on for the fun of it.

82. Have a bonfire in the backyard. Even on a school night.

83. Make rainbow drawings to hang in your windows.

84. Go for a walk in Ellicott Creek Park.

85. Have a front porch photo shoot with your neighbors.

86. Recreate Chef's at home with their sauce from the store, until they open back up.

87. Watch Tiger King on Netflix.

88. Have a Nerf war (great way to work out family tensions).

89. Have a fancy dinner in your home for any reason at all.

90. Watch all the Star Wars movies in a row.

91. Stop by Buffalo Distilling to get some Krupnik for Easter and some hand sanitizer!

92. Send a restaurant gift card to a nurse.

93. Have brunch even when it's not Sunday.

94. If you're healthy, give blood.

95. Pick up a curbside Easter Basket from the Broadway Market.

96. Take a sunset walk at Wilkeson Pointe.

97. Take part in a birthday parade.

98. Pack away winter clothes and get your spring and summer stuff out!

99. Attempt an at-home haircut.

100. Take up running.

101. Try a new board game.

102. Complete a 1000+ piece jigsaw puzzle.

103. Ding Dong Dash it and leave some beers on your neighbor's porch.

104. Try using whipped cream to dye Easter eggs.

105. Record your kid doing The Pledge of Allegiance and send it to Clay & Company.

106. Ask Alexa to play WYRK.

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