If you've got a hot tub at your house, or you're thinking of getting one, there are certain things that can take your next hot tub party from good to great.

When you went out and bought your hot tub, you envisioned using it every night.  And right out of the gate, you used it all the time!  Then you began using it less and less.  Now it just sits in your backyard and collects snow in the winter.


Hot tubs are incredible in the winter.  If you've never been in a nice warm hot tub in the dead of winter while snow gently fell all around you, there's a chance you've never really lived.

But let's be honest.  You can take that party from "good" to "great" with just a couple of things.

When thinking of a great hot tub party in the winter, what do you need to think of?

  • Things that will keep you warm when you step out of the water.  It gets cold very quickly when you're soaking wet and it's only in the 30s outside.
  • Things to keep your belly full.  You don't want to be going in and out of the house when you're soaking wet.  So you have to think of food and drinks that won't freeze if they're left out in the elements.
  • Things to keep you entertained outside of just floating in the water.  I get it, a lot of the time, hot tubs are for relaxing.  But if the goal is to take the party from "good" to "great" then radios and TVs could be a must.

Here is a list of things you should think of if you're going to have friends over for a hot tub party in the dead of winter:

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