We were having a discussion about things that grandma or grandpa told you that you have not forgotten on Clay and Company this week.

After hearing the news about the offensive coordinator for the Buffalo Bills,  Brian Daboll, losing both grandparents in less than a month, we couldn’t help but imagine how difficult it must be for his family at this time.

But there is comfort after losing a loved one knowing that you can carry on some of the things that they taught you. Whether it is something witty, or simply some thing that makes perfect sense, and is common sense, grandma and grandpa definitely gave us some of the best advice.

In many cases, grandpa taught you about the skills of life while grandma guided you with the knowledge of how to be a better person. We put it out to our listeners and asked them what they think was the best advice they ever got from one of their grandparents.

Some of the answers were pretty deep and make you think for a second while others were just plain and simple.

Our thoughts are with Brian Daboll and his family as they are dealing with this difficult time. One thing is for sure the The Buffalo Bills fans and the community in Western New York definitely surround people with love and support.

My favorite lesson on this list is the one that mentions how a tarnished penny has more value. If you think about it, it shows that just because something is bright and shiny it doesn’t mean that it is the best one in the group. Sometimes items or even people who have shown a little wear or tattered have the best stories and the best life experience.

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