Former Buffalo Bills Offensive Coordinator Brian Daboll just sold his house in Orchard Park...and he made a ton of money in the process.

The house he sold, wasn't just any old house.  This one has been in the family for awhile.

For those who don't know, Daboll was a Western New York native before he came to for a job coaching with the Bills.  He was a student at St. Francis in Athol Springs before he made the move into the NFL.  When he came back home, he moved back into the house his grandparents used to own.  He's owned the house since 2013.

Daboll got a new job in the offseason.  He is now the new head coach of the New York Giants.  So, obviously, if he isn't going to live here anymore, it was time to sell his house.

The housing market is crazy these days.  There's no doubt it is a seller's market.  This was a perfect time for the coach to cash in.  According to WGRZ, he made 71% more than it was worth when he bought it in 2013.

He bought the house for $438,920 back then.  He just sold it for $750,000.

I'll do the math on that one for you.  That's a profit of $311,080.

It's a pretty big house at 3,376-square-feet with 5 bedrooms and a pool.  There's no word if it was updated a lot over the last couple years, but man is that a profit!

If anyone has been wondering if they should sell their house, now might be a great time to do it.  Just make sure you have another place to live first!

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