Not all country songs need to be serious. I mean, that's what makes country music great, those heartfelt songs that relate to everyone...but every now and then you need a fun one.

"Brand New Girlfriend" by Steve Holy was just flat out fun.

You might remember Steve most from his five-week number one hit from 2002, "Good Morning Beautiful." His next five singles after "Good Morning Beautiful" failed to get past the top 25 on the country charts but then came "Brand New Girlfriend."

Released in January of 2006, "Brand New Girlfriend" took a while to take off but it exploded at country radio when it did.

By the spring of that year, it was flying. Steve finally reached number one on the Mediabase country chart the second week of September. It also reached the top on Billboard Country Airplay.

At the time, it was the slowest-climbing number one in Nielsen SoundScan history (36 weeks).

Written by Jeffrey Steele, Shane Minor and Bart Allmand, the song would be the lead single off Steve's album of the same name that year.

Steve's next two singles, "Come On Rain" and "Men Buy the Drinks (Girls Call the Shots)" would reach the top 40. He reached the top 20 one more time in 2011 with "Love Don't Run."

The first time I heard "Brand New Girlfriend", I laughed out loud. I remember so many people loving it back then. Is it silly? Yeah, but it's fun and ALWAYS gets people singing along at bars.

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