After plenty of speculation, the official NFL schedule was finally released.  Some Bills fans are going to hate it.

There were so many predictions and "leaks" for this year's NFL schedule that it got pretty hard to decipher what was a leak and what was just speculation.  But now that the schedule is out, there was one prediction that was spot-on.

The Bills have a bunch of prime-time games this year.

It was definitely expected.  Plenty of people would agree that they were expected to go much further in the playoffs last year than they did.  A lot of people were picking them to be in the Super Bowl.  As we know, that didn't happen, but the hope didn't end there.  They're once again expected to do well.  On paper, they're easily one of the best teams in the league.

The people who make the schedule recognize that and wanted to be sure to put them in slots where the most people are going to be able to watch their game.  Traditionally the 1 pm Sunday slot is going to have the fewest eyes on it because there are so many more of those games.  As the afternoon goes on, you get more and more viewers because there are fewer games being played.  Obviously, there are only a couple of games throughout the week on Monday and Thursday so those are the most-watched.

I'm here to say that 1 pm games are actually better.  At least, I like them more and I know I'm not alone.  I saw this tweet just this morning...

I've actually got 8 reasons why I think the 1 pm games are better right here...

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