One of the coolest cars I have ever driven was my uncle's Porsche 911 out in Los Angeles. Sometimes for kicks, he and I would drag race against motorcycles from stop light to stop light. Often times, the Porsche would clean the motorcyclist's clock. I always wanted to buy my uncle's Porsche from him, but it was eventually stolen and we never saw that car again.

As far as motorcycles go, I have owned many different brands and curently have my trusty Harley Heritage Softail in the garage. However, there is one brand of bike that I have an extreme fondness for and that is Ducati. My brother-in-law recently bought a Ducati and swears that it is the coolest bike he has ever owned and ridden.

Check out this video where two of my favorite machines go head to head in a drag race. The outcome may certainly surprise you.

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