With the holidays right around the corner, shoplifting increases in many retail stores around the country.  According to the National Retail Federation, 96% of stores have been victimized.  These criminals then resell the items on street corners or online.  Some of them try to return the stolen items back to the store for cash.  Here are the top shoplifted items this year.

1. Diabetic Testing Strips-  these things are expensive and have high street value.

2. Liquor- always near the top of the list.  Who doesn't want a nice bottle of liquor for free.  That cognac is expensive.

3. Lap Tops- Yep, some criminals are smooth enough to sneak out of a store with this fairly large item.

4. Cigarettes- If you have a way to reach behind the cashier's counter...these are typically in the Top 5 items stolen.

5. Infant formula- very expensive.  Especially if you have many mouths to feed.

6. Jeans-  Yep, slip a pair on under the jeans you are wearing and you're off and runnin'.  Many criminals will rip the alarm tag off.

7. Digital Cameras- I don't see why these made the list.  Everyone's phone has one now!

8. Allergy Medicine- aaahhh chooo!!

9. Any type of Designer Clothing- Labels equal status.  If one can get away with ripping off a 60 dollar shirt and 100 dollar jeans, they will.

10. Handbags- Big names include Michael Kors, Cole Haan, and Coach....oh yeah....Louis Vuitton

Other popular items shoplifted-

Lotions and Creams, Cell Phones, Energy drinks

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