Shoplifting Ring Busted At Clarence Walmart!
Tis the season to be sneaky?  I guess that was the plan of 4 Walmart employees at the Clarence store.  Authorities say that Evelyn Smith, Latasha Morrow, Dewayne Harrell and Tacara Lawrence were all involved in a little scam where they would
2012’s Most Shoplifted Items!
With the holidays right around the corner, shoplifting increases in many retail stores around the country.  According to the National Retail Federation, 96% of stores have been victimized.  These criminals then resell the items on street corners or online.  Some of them try
Tis The Season For Shoplifting, Top 10 Items Taken!
Just like hunters wait for hunting season, shoplifters are priming themselves for their time of year.  The holidays!  A new study conducted by Ad Week shows that 1 in 11 folks, shopping at any store, leaves with at least one item that they didn't pay for.  They also found that the" art of shoplifting" is up by 6% this year.