The Erie County Fair is a go for the summer of 2021! This is great news on many levels and especially for the hard working families of the agriculture industry in the Western New York Area!

Livestock will be sold both Saturdays during the twelve day run of the Erie County Fair.

In a post from Erie County 4H on Instagram this past week, it was revealed that the auction dates for poultry, rabbits and hogs will happen on Saturday, August 14 starting at 1pm an for lambs, goats and steers the date is Saturday, August 21st at 1pm.

EC 4H Instagram

The agriculture portion of the Erie County Fair truly is the heart and soul of the 12 days of the event. Not only is it a way for the kids of 4H and their families to show off their hard work over the last year, it is a great reminder that our community needs to support the farms around Western New York and nation wide. If 2020 taught us anything, it is that we need to promote and support local farms and the farms throughout the United States.

From dairy to beef and pork to our local growers of vegetables and fruits, the agriculture community in Western New York is vital to keep us healthy and for our future generations. No Farms, No Food!

I hope you will join me in supporting the auctions. If you are interested in becoming a buyer, feel free to email me for more information ( or reach out to the Cornell Cooperative Extensions in our area or the local 4H.

The Erie County Fair will take place August 11-22 in Hmaburg.

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