How many times have you been on vacation and had to stop to ask for directions and had no idea how to pronounce the street you're looking for?  Here are the ones people have trouble with in Buffalo.

Ok...I'll be honest, I've lived here my whole life...I have a hard time with probably 95% of these too!  They aren't easy to pronounce if you're from here...they're even harder if you're from out of town.

One thing you'll notice when you start driving around here is that we've got a real melting pot of cultural names on our streets. Of course we have a lot of Native American names, but also French, German, and of course, Polish names.  On top of the cultural names, people here probably don't pronounce them as you would if you spoke the language.

I'll never forget when I moved to North Evans and found that the word Versailles wasn't pronounced ver-SIGH as many people would pronounce it.  When you live out there, it's pronounced ver-SAILS.  So even when you think you're doing it right, you're probably doing it wrong.

And don't even think that your app or your GPS will help you along.  Those things are almost NEVER right.

So give it a shot.  See if you can pronounce all of these street names correctly.  I challenge you to do it.  Take this list, make your own video and see if you're right.  Put it on Tik Tok, Twitter, Facebook...whatever you use with the hashtag #WYRKBuffaloStreetNames.  See if you can do them all right.  I'll be willing to guess that they're harder than you think!

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