It has been a tough, emotional week in Buffalo at the loss of Buffalo Police K-9 officer, Craig Lehner, who had gone missing in the Niagara during diving training and his body was discovered on Thursday, 5 days later.

The Buffalo Police Department received help from numerous agencies and the community rallied to offer their support, love and prayers to all of those effected.

Here are some ways that you can offer your support:

1. Blue Pumpkins From Adams Nurseries


2. Lehner T-Shirts
T Shirts 1

Sold at the Great Pumpkin Farm this Saturday after 11 AM.

These are the shirts that Paul Roorda designed for me to be able to sell on Saturday at the Great Pumpkin Farm. The shirts are $15.00 and 100% (yes 100%) of the proceeds will go DIRECTLY to the Lehner Family. They will NOT be ready prior to 11am on Saturday. THANK YOU for the donations from Ulrich's, Bada Bing, Soho, Osteria 166, Kevin's Catering, Brooksie from Empire Merchants, and Forty Thieves. These business owners are the reason I am able to get these shirts started. If any other business would like to contribute so that I can get more printed to sell, please contact me asap. A very special THANK YOU to Sal Buscaglia for gathering this crew together and Park Avenue Imprints for making these!!, and according to WNY Heros:

3. Funeral At Key Bank

Lehner's funeral will be at 10 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 25 at KeyBank Center and the public is invited. Officials expect over 5,000 in attendance.

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    Blue Pumpkins From Adams Nurseries

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