People might not know that I'm not originally from Ohio. I claim Akron, OH as my hometown because that is where I spent most of my life and have most of my memories. However, I was born in Midland/Odessa, Texas. My parents are originally from Cleveland but my dad got his first job in radio in Texas and they lived in the state for about 11 years.

While we lived in Midland a little girl named Jessica fell down a well while playing in a back yard. This story obviously went international and gained a lot of media attention. Many of the people that were at the forefront of the whole rescue operation were friends of my mom and dad. He knew a lot of the police, firefighters and rescue workers because they all lived around us. My mom told me that the "oil man" that brought in the the equipment to help was a client of hers at the bank. Jessica and her family eventually moved into our neighborhood and my parents and her parents became pretty good friends. We played with her, like all children in the neighborhood would play... but to be honest I really have no memory of this. I remember the two neighbor boys and the one kid that had a My mom said that Jessica and I had the same pediatrician, that's the lady who was running with Jessica after they got her out of the well. My my mom also told me that Jessica had a princess playroom and I LOVED the slide.

Even though I don't really have memories of it my dad does.Not only does he  remember it all he also has a lot of stories that you won't really hear anywhere else. He has the stories he heard from the people that actually lived it. Some happy but most of them sad. It really is about how fame can really destroy lives.



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