You have heard it EVERYWHERE today that it is going to snow a lot in Western New York starting on Thursday and lasting all the way until Sunday. It seemed like the news came out of nowhere yesterday afternoon. Now through Wednesday, we will see about 1 or 2 inches. Starting Thursday through Sunday there will be at least FOUR MORE FEET.


The outcome? They are saying on average, there will be about 4 feet of snow in Western New York, and Buffalo getting the brunt of it. The southern tier can see even more

It is nothing we have not experienced here in the Buffalo area before, but WHY is it all of a sudden going to snow THAT much?

There are a few reasons and here are two of the most important. Currently, Lake Erie is at a record-high temperature of 55 degrees, according to Channel 2 meteorologist Patrick Hammer. In addition, there is a cold air front coming through that will flow across the lake.

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