You know how when certain things need to be done to your house, you put them off until you can't anymore.  Well that time is now for the Bills.  They need these ASAP.

In Buffalo, we get snow

The Bills have an open air stadium.  It's been like that for years, and it's going to continue to be that way for a couple of years still.  Even the new stadium will essentially be open air.  They'll have canopy to cover most of the seats, but snow storms like the ones we have gotten over the last couple of days won't be stopped entirely by canopies.

This means that we have to deal with snow.  And sometimes it's a lot of snow.


Bills fans were asked to shovel snow before the game

Yesterday, Bills fans came to the stadium to help shovel it out for $20 an hour.  It was almost historic what those couple of fans were able to do to get that stadium as ready as it could be.  But they couldn't really get it all.  When it was just a couple of hours before the game, there was still quite a bit of snow on the seats.

They were eventually told not to worry about the seats and just focus on getting the aisles cleared out before fans arrived.  It just feels like if a fan had paid all that money for a seat, the least they could do is to make sure it was cleared off so they could sit on it.

Now, I know, it's a huge task.  That snowstorm was a beast.  But the NFL also makes a ridiculous amount of money.  They couldn't pay a crew that could come in and get it all cleared out?  They simply relied on the people who were available to walk to the stadium?  We definitely have the most loyal fans in the league.

It felt like a huge misstep.

The Bills can fix this in the future

As I'm scrolling through X today, I see this post about how they deal with the snow in Green Bay:

They're custom built snow blowers that are built to fit between the bleachers at Lambeau Field.  It's brilliant.

Granted, it would still cost money and there would still be manual labor involved.  But wouldn't this make it a lot quicker for crews to move snow out of that stadium?

The Bills still have another home game guaranteed this weekend against the Kansas City Chiefs and the forecast is showing even more lake effect snow.  That's on top of the snow that we already have.  They need to come up with a plan now to get that stadium ready for a home playoff game in January.

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