It was a huge deal when he was brought to Buffalo.  He was even given the keys to the city.  Now, at 47 years old, he says he'd love to make a comeback in the NFL.

Remember when Terrell Owens became a Buffalo Bill?  It was huge news that a big-name player like him would want to come to a city like Buffalo and try to turn around a team that had already missed the playoffs for years.

He started his career in cities like San Francisco and Philadelphia.  So for Buffalo to grab a player of his caliber was a huge deal.  We thought he might have been one of the missing pieces that would finally return our team to its glory days. didn't.

We continued to miss the playoffs for years to come.  He went on to play for Cincinnati with his friend Chad Ochocinco after leaving Buffalo.  Then he had a year on the Seattle practice squad.  But he hasn't done anything more since then.

Now, he says he's ready to make his comeback.  While talking to TMZ he said that he is 100% ready to play and he's looking for a team to sign him ASAP.  He wouldn't comment on whether he has actually had any real conversations about joining a team but said that he is absolutely sure that in the right situation, he could help a team right away.

I will say that I was a season ticket holder in 2009 when he joined the Bills and that he was one of the highlights of that season.  It was so much fun to watch him.  He wasn't good with media, but man was he fun to watch on the field.  He had electric plays and still holds the longest touchdown for the Bills from the line of scrimmage with Ryan Fitzpatrick.

I would guess that the chances of this happening would be pretty close to 0%, but I'll also admit that I'd love to see some team take him up on it.

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