There's nothing like a good scare and these spooky Buffalo, NY, cemeteries will provide it. Whether there are actually restless spirits or it is just creepy to be out in the open in a cemetery in the middle of nowhere with nothing but the wind to howl at you, these places are terrifying at night.

What do you think? Have you ever been brave enough to venture to one of these cemeteries at night? Have you ever heard or seen anything that wasn't quite natural?!

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    Goose Hill

    Sheldon, NY

    Also known as Saint Johns Cemetery, Goose Hill is a relatively small cemetery with only around 30 graves. It is said that voices can be heard coming from the woods that surround the cemetery.

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    East Otto Cemetery

    It is said that two headless women haunt East Otto Cemetery and that their screams can be heard on the grounds as they try to escape their ax-wielding murderer.

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    Elmlawn Cemetery on Delaware Avenue in Tonawanda, NY, reportedly is the site of orbs and lights between midnight and 3 a.m.

    It is said that a young newlywed bride was once run over in front of the church on the property and killed by a carriage as she was preparing to enter her wedding carriage. It is rumored that her vision can still be seen crossing the street.

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    Whitehaven Cemetery

    The 1865 graveyard is rumored to be frequented by the spirits of a little girl, a mother and a Gulf War soldier. But the spookiness doesn’t end there. It is also reported that footsteps, glowing headstones and cold spots can be found within Whitehaven Cemetery.

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    Goodleburg Cemetery

    Goodleburg Cemetery on Goodleburg Road in Wales dates back to 1811 and was an active cemetery until 1927. There are many tales and stories attached to the site. 

    The paranormal incidents are rumored to have originated from the legend of a doctor, who practiced illegal abortions and buried the aborted babies as well as any of the mothers who died during the procedure near a pond, which was located behind his home and overlooks the cemetery.

    The legend continues, stating that upon discovery the doctor committed suicide, hanging himself on the property.

    It is said that cries can be heard. Children ghosts who leave footprints and handprints on car windows have also been reported. It is also said that the grounds have been used for satanic rituals.

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