Many of us have found we have some "extra" time on our hands as we stay home to help Flatten the Curve. Well, there are some FREE ways that you can better yourself with this extra downtime.

1. Ever wanted to learn a new language? Duolingo is a free website and APP that allows you to learn a new language at your open pace. They offer fun interactive ways for you to learn. Plus you can choose to learn Spanish, French, German, Korean, Dutch, and more!

2. Learn to play the guitar. Were you always jealous of that dude in college who would sit in the quad and play guitar? Well, now you can learn too for free. Currently, Fender is offering 3 months of online guitar lessons for free.

3. Take college courses! Several IVY league schools like Harvard and Yale are allowing the general public to take their online classes for free! Check out the courses HERE

4. Get into Shape! With all the gyms shutdown, several area gyms like Jada Blitz Fitness are offering free online courses via their websites or Facebook pages. You can also use online workout sites like Fitness Blender and 7-minute workouts.

5. Learn to cook...You can try new recipes from places like Food Network and Betty Crocker all online for free.

There are plenty of new things you can try in your newfound downtime.


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