I really enjoy being single but that’s not say that I’m not open to meeting someone. Here are five places you could potentially meet the love of your life.

  • 1

    Comedy Club

    Helium Comedy Club – Check out a comedy show and laugh with your single pals and maybe find your new boyfriend.

  • 2

    The Gym

    So many in Buffalo, Planet Fitness, 500 Fitness etc. The gym is a good place to meet other singles and if you don't at least you're getting in shape.

  • 3

    Grocery store

    Maybe the new Whole Foods store, Wegman's or Tops? I hear all the time the grocery store is a great place to meet someone.  Maybe see if someone's shopping for similar items and strike up a conversation.

  • 4

    Sporting events

    If you’re a sports nut it’s best to find a person who is one too – this way you can root for the home team together and not argue on Sunday.

  • 5

    Bar/Night Club

    I’ve never had a hard time meeting men at bars or clubs, but they always turn out to be a dead end lol.  But, I do know friends that have met their significant other this way.


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