Buying a house is a very stressful time and while you may do a ton of homework before signing the contract here are some questions you should always ask before buying.

1. Are there Any Pets Buried in the Backyard?

Sure the homeowner considered Fido a member of the family but you have no attachment to the family pet and it is kind of creepy. If the answer is yes, at least you know where not to plant your next garden.

2. Has There Been Any Paranormal Activity?

Whether you believe or not, if the answer is yes at least you know what to expect and can decide if you want to continue with the buy.

3. Will My Car Fit in the Garage?

If you have a jack-up Truck or bigger SUV this is a very important question. Also if you plan on storing anything in the garage, will you also be able to park your car in there as well.

4. What are Monthly Utility Costs?

Most of us just care about the bottom line cost of the home but think about your monthly budget. Will the mortgage payment and cost of the utilities push you over the top? That is something to think about when pricing out a home.

5. How Old is the Roof?

Most average of the mill roofs will last 20-25 years, so if you are buying an older house you should always ask about the age of the roof. It is a BIG money investment if you have to replace the roof. Also different kinds of roofing last longer or shorter. Make sure to do your homework!


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