Hopefully you're not kicking off 2018 sick, but it's going around and at some point your bound to come in contact with the sickness. Hopefully your immune system has kicked it into high gear and will be able to fight it off. If not, maybe you need to start bulking up your immune system so you'll be able to kickoff 2019 healthy and cough drop free. Women's Health released some pretty random ways that may help boost your immune system and here are five of them.


  • 1

    Whole Grains

    Whole grain it up and get the beta-glucans, found in barley and oats, that help boost your white blood cell activity to ward off viruses. Beta-glucans have been used to fight are high cholesterol, diabetes and cancer.

  • 2

    Grab Your Hairbrush Mic

    Singing along to favorite singer or even just listening to your favorite singer for 30 minutes can make a huge difference.  This activity has been linked to lower levels of  cortisol, a stress hormone, which when elevated can suppress your immune function. So I guess singing the blues away can really help!

  • 3

    Look At Sick People

    This for sure sounds like a weird one and honestly... a little cruel. However, you're not visiting them in person like you're going to a zoo to see sick people. A study showed that people who looked at pictures of sick people (sneezing, blowing their nose, coughing) got a big immune boost which they think is because your body is reacting to the possible threat of germs.

  • 4

    Get In Touch With Nature

    My dad always said fresh air would make me feel better. Just 15 minutes in nature can help relive stress and plants at your desk have been shown to have the same effect too!

  • 5

    Grab A Cold One

    Not a beer, unfortunately. A cold shower, well 30 seconds of cold at the end of your shower could really help boost your immune system. A study showed that people had more mild symptoms for the cold and flu when they ended their shower with cold instead of taking an all hot shower.

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