Another winter storm is predicted to hit us over the next several hours. Forecasters say as much as 3 feet could blanket parts of Western New York, with brutal minus-degree wind chills predicted as well.

What can you do to stay entertained if you’re caught stranded inside for a couple days? If you’re lucky, the power will remain on, and you can do a few of the following to pass the time.

  • 1

    Listen To WYRK

    Come on, that’s the obvious choice!
  • 2

    Watch Television

    ...but only if your radio's broken!
  • 3


    A good book or magazine will kill some time.
  • 4

    Play A Game

    Video games if the power stays on -- board games if it doesn't!
  • 5


    Well, only some of you might find this appealing.

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