March 4th will be a day to remember.  It was easily one of the warmest on the record books for March.

Did you do something cool outside today?  Hopefully did because it was perfect out.  We had a ton of sunshine and the temperature was higher than it's ever been on this date.

What was the old record in Buffalo?

Normally March is a pretty cold month in Western New York. There's a phrase saying that it comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb and its normally true here.  We have seen some pretty extreme weather at the beginning of March.  Then it normally begins to calm down (at least a little) by the end of the month.  But it's not abnormal to see snow right into April here.

Before today, the record stood at 63 degrees for March 4th.  It's a record that was recorded back in 1973!

What is the record set at now?

Today we crushed that old record.  It's now set at 72!


We're not done with winter just yet though

It's easy to get excited and start making plans to switch the snowblower in your garage with the lawnmower in the shed, but it might still be a little early for that.  Unfortunately, the heatwave isn't expected to last long.

While we will still see warmer temperatures on Tuesday, it's expected to drop back down into the 40's on Wednesday.

Summer is coming.  Just not quite yet.

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