The new year is just a few days old and there is already a big win for some in New York State. As the prices of things are getting higher or holding steady at a high price, there is going to be some relief on the way for those on social security in the Empire State.

Many people are hoping and praying that the interest rates will start to come down soon. It has been a struggle to pay down debt over the past year or so and with the student loans due and the mortgage rates climbing, there is a huge need for extra help.

For those who collect monthly social security, 2024 has brought an increase to your check.

According to reports, the average person will see around a $50 increase.

On average, Social Security retirement benefits will increase by more than $50 per month starting in January.

The New Year has also gotten off to a good start for those who get paid minimum wage as there is a increase this year and a plan to increase the wages over the next few years as well. New York is one of several states that are boosting the wages in 2024.

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