You've never registered a political affiliation on facebook.  But somehow, they know which way you lean on the political spectrum.

I didn't believe it until I checked it myself.  Essentially, they believe they know where you stand politically by what you click on, scroll past and hover over and based on those things they want to aim ads at you that you will be interested in.

The scary thing for me is that I think they were pretty right.  So how do you check it?

1.  Sign into facebook

2.  Go to settings (top right corner on desktop OR the three little lines in the bottom right corner on your phone)

3.  On Account Settings click Ads (left side of the screen on desktop OR second from the bottom on your phone)

4.  Click "Your Information"

5.  Click "Your Categories"

6.  Look where it says "US Politics"

It should say Conservative, Liberal, or Moderate there.  This is how facebook will adjust ads on your page.

Uncomfortable yet?  Want to turn it off?

On your desktop, considering you're already there, you can just click the X next to the category.

If you are on your phone, you can click the three dots to the far right and click "Remove Category".

Unfortunately, this will not filter all political posts from friends and family, but it should filter the ADS on your page.


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