It is weird that this can even be an option, but it is.

Can Buffalo actually turn itself Mayor-less? Will Buffalo, one of the poorest cities in the entire United States, become a city with no mayor?

The Buffalo Common Council is looking into the parameters of doing something such as that.

But, why would they do that? As someone on the outside of Buffalo and politics, it may be easy to assume that the Buffalo Common Council does not like the Democratic mayor nominee, India Walton. She is a self-proclaimed democratic socialist.

According to WIVB, University councilman Rasheed Wyatt says:

I think it would be insane for us to continue with this same form of government that has not yielded the results that we would have thought,” Wyatt said.

Wyatt says Buffalo should look at changing its form of governance, abolishing the office of mayor in favor of a city manager who answers to the common council.

No doubt that some changes need to be done in Buffalo. After all, it is obviously not operating at the level where it needs to be, as it is one of the poorest cities.

The city manager would not be elected by the public and again, it is important to note that they would work and answer to the Buffalo City Council. There are numerous city managers in places all over New York State, but from what we found out, there are only 2 cities that have city managers, but no mayor. One of those cities is Batavia.

No word on how long it would take a motion to change the Buffalo government would take.

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