As you walked around the parking lots of Highmark Stadium this past Sunday or threw your own personal tailgate at home you probably noticed a couple of Bills players at the party.

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Not in person, of course, they had to get ready for the game, but in likeness. I saw plenty of Josh Allen tailgate sauces and Stefon Diggs blue cheeses around town to know that Bills Mafia is all about great food and great players.

But what if you expanded that reach to other players on the team. Would it, Could it make sense? We decided to see what kind of foods we would want to see pitched by other Bills players.

From the start safety to the young defensive lineman, to the record holder of most points scored in a single season for the Buffalo Bills, we came up with some pretty good food ideas.

We all know the staples of tailgate food too, so we didn't want to mess with that. You won't find any hot dogs or burgers on this list. You won't find any BBQ sauces since Josh Allen has the market on that one. Also, you won't find any wings on this list. We actually did a whole separate list of wings inspired by Bills players earlier. You can check out that list HERE.

Now we are not in the business of making food, so none of these items currently exist here in Western New York, but we would love to see them out at some point during a Bills tailgate or out for a delicious dinner in the 716.

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