There's always some less-than-thrilling things that happen each week, whether it's across the country, down to music city in Nashville or right here in our WNY backyards.

Here's this week's rundown.

  • 1

    One Man Won The Lottery -- Twice

    A Washington man won the lottery for $200,000 AND a scratch-off worth $55,555 within 24 hours this week. I'm still waiting for a double-digit winner off my dollar Lucky 7s scratch-offs...and I play every day.

  • 2

    Clarence Schools Can't Figure Out Their Tax Situation

    Even if they raise taxes in Clarence, they won't even be close to the highest school taxes in Erie County. How many times are they going to re-vote? They're worried about firing all these teachers -- how about firing whoever can't balance their checkbook over there!
  • 3

    Lebron James, Miami Heat Win

    I don't like Lebron James, and I don't even like basketball. If I have to hear about Lebron, him being compared to Michael Jordan or the Miami Heat overtime win in Game 6 this week any more, I'm boycotting basketball. Wait...I already do.


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  • 4

    Miss Utah Gives An Answer For The Ages

    Q: "In 40 percent of American families with children, women are the primary earners, yet they continue to earn less than men. What does this say about society?"

    A: "We need to find a way to create education better."

    You don't say!

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  • 5

    Charlie Sheen Fires Selma Blair From 'Anger Management'

    He heard she was complaining about his work ethic behind his back. It probably wouldn't be an issue if she gave in like his last 18 co-stars and slept with him.
  • 6

    Kim Kardashian Had A Baby

    Who cares? No one. Who will hear about it? Everyone. We'll hear about the kid and its drama-filled life for the next 24 years.

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