I didn't know that Buffalo invented some of these. Of course the chicken wing is the most iconic thing Western New York has graced America, but what else is on the list?

There's some serious contributions that have been made by Western New Yorkers. Take a look!

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    Air Conditioner

    Could you imagine life without it? Yeah, no thank God some guy from Buffalo was genius enough to invent it.

    Thank you, Willis Carrier. The rest of the world appreciates you too.

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    PJ's Crystal Beach Loganberry

    Now, Loganberries are actually grown out in California, but the most popular Loganberry brand in America is PJ's Crystal Beach Loganberry, which is owned by the Davis family from Tonawanda!

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    Dyngus Day

    There is nothing better on this list than this one. Now, we didn't invent it, heck--most parts of the country do not even know what Dyngus Day is.

    But, Buffalo is the World Capital of Dyngus Day and we will spread the Polish pride harder than anyone in America that day.

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    Weber's Mustard

    The world's most famous mustard comes from Western New York, which is actually part of the Heintz family!

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    Justin Sullivan

    Street Lights

    Yup. The rest of America was driving around in the dark (orrrr horse and buggying in the dark). The first street lights in the United States were in Buffalo on Ganson Street!

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    Sponge Candy

    Some places in America are still confused about what this is, but we all know they're missing out. We also know that we can down an entire box in one sitting if not careful.

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    The Chicken Wing

    Not the Buffalo Wing--it's a dang chicken wing and thank God we were able to bless the rest of America with them.

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