The SnapStyk Answers All Of Your Selfie Taking Problems
Selfie sticks became popular a few years ago but have since become a thing of the past.  They’re bulky and an extra thing to carry just in case you get a chance to use it.  Many places have banned them.  But now, one inventor has created a way to avoid carrying that ex…
TV Beer Mug - New At Noon
"Hey man, did you see that play last night?  It was incredible!"
"No, I missed it.  My beer was blocking my view."
I don't think I've ever had this problem.  But if you have, there's a product for you!
Sweetest Kickstarter Idea – The Android Laptop Shell
Once in a while you'll see these sweet ideas on the crowdfunding sight, Kickstarter. This weekend saw the Android Shell – a laptop dock that aims to turn any Android smartphone into a full-fledged computer surpass its goal and raise over $1 million...
Buffalo Snow Invention?
This is genius!
Think about how the snow loads into the front of your snowblower as you push it down your driveway. It has that spiral thing in the front that you see help collect the snow. That's called the auger. Now, this is what a shovel with an auger would look like and do...
World's Safest Gun?
An 18 year old kid started up a science project years ago to create the world's safest gun.  His name is Kai Kloepfer and he thinks he may have done it.
Amazing! Students Invented Way To Put Out Fire With Sound
Maybe you'll never need a fire extinguisher again?
Look what these engineer students from George Mason University invented.
Whoa! A duo of undergraduates at George Mason University in Virginia created a device that they say puts out fires with nothing but sound...

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