The weather had been downright awful so far in 2022, here in Western New York.

Snow typically lasts into April for us. However, it feels much later than usual and we have been in a cold drought since spring started. January and February featured big snow totals, including a few lake effect snowstorms.

Tuesday felt like a cruel joke. I was at physical therapy for my knee and the therapists and patients could not believe the fact it was snowing with 30 mph winds. They called it the fourth winter.

There is good news, though. That weather machine will change big time this weekend and we’re talking summer-like temperatures.

According to WIVB 4 Warn Weather, the forecaster high for Buffalo on Sunday will Be 74 degrees, and The Weather Channel is also calling for 73 degrees that day. Saturday looks pretty good as well, with highs around 65.

Unfortunately, a cold front will drop temperatures into the 40’s by the middle of next week. The silver lining there is that it’ll be May by that weekend and summer weather will soon be here to stay.

I’ve lived in Buffalo my entire life. Yes, it has snowed in April and even May, but the number of snow days and the number of downright cold days this late into the spring is something I cannot recall happening. It’s certainly one of the more brutal starts to a weather year we have seen; and it started with that lake effect snowstorm in early January.

Bring. On. Summer. Please.

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