When I was nine-years-old, I was playing video games and running around the neighborhood with my friends. One nine-year-old from Lakeview is doing a whole lot more; all to help local pit bulls.

According to WKBW, Ashlyn Wasik from Lakeview has decided to take it upon herself to raise money and awareness for pit bulls in foster care. Ashlyn believes bully breeds have a bad reputation and wants to change that. She's grown up around pit bulls.

"I don't want pit bulls to get hurt they are just like other dogs, there's nothing different about them," Ashlyn said.

What Ashlyn did was really cool.

She wrote a letter, asking people for donations. Her mom posted it on Facebook. In one week, Ashlyn raised $300 for Queen City Pitties, who is a foster organization for pit bulls here in Western New York; they have 18 pit bulls in foster, currently.

Ashlyn's mom says she did this all on her own. She isn't done though, as she wants to continue raising money for pit bulls and removing the stigma about the breed.

Read the full story at WKBW.

You can go to Queen City Pitties Facebook page for more information. To help support Ashlyn's cause, you can donate here.

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