IKEA Will Pay You For 2 Weeks To Research Happiness
You know IKEA, right? The massively popular furniture company.
Denmark is ranked the world's happiest country. The person who gets picked will be paid for two weeks to research happiness in Denmark's capital, Copenhagen.
IKEA wants to you to get an in-sight on why De…
WATCH: The Golf Dome in Tonawanda Coming Down
The dome is down!
The Paddock Chevrolet Golf Dome is down in Tonawanda! It took 30 minutes, but the dome will be replaced with a nice, new one in the upcoming months. Over the years the town has been fighting to get the dome redone over rot and deterioration...
WATCH: Clay & Company Playing 'Never Have I Ever'
If you missed it we played a few rounds of 'Never Have I Ever' with all of the stars from the Toyota Taste of Country. If you missed the round with Luke Combs + Lee Brice, you have to see what went down.
I'll tell you--Joe Diffie we had an absolute riot with...
WATCH: Luke Combs + Lee Brice Play 'Never Have I Ever'
This is why we love country music.
It's the most relateable music sung by normal people that just happen to be good at music. Country stars are just normal people that almost always had normal jobs before they got songs on the radio, that go home to their families after shows and have the s…

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