Garage and yard sale season is here in New York.  What can you do to prepare to make the most of your sale?

It always sounds like a good idea.  Someone says, "We should have a garage sale!"  What could go wrong?  You can get rid of a bunch of stuff that is taking up room in your house or your garage and make a boatload of money!

Then you realize how much work it is...

Why are garage sales so much work?

Garage sales take a ton of time.  First you have to gather all of your stuff.  Then you need to price it all out.  You have to pick a date (and hope the weather cooperates).  You have to find some people to help if it gets busy.  Then you have to be sure to advertise it.  That might mean just putting an ad in the Penny Saver, or it might mean stapling posters to telephone poles all over town.

Then, after all of that is done, you have to pray that people come and buy all the stuff that you just spent all that time pricing.

You could just sign up to sell your stuff at the World's Largest Yard Sale

Of course, there's another alternate option.  You could just sign up to sell stuff a the World's Largest Yard Sale in May.  You'll still have to gather your stuff and price it, but we pretty much take care of the other stuff.

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It's indoors so you don't have to worry about the weather.  We take care of the advertising.  Last year we had around 12,000 people come to our sale.  The stuff that you can't control, we've taken care of.

So what other tips can help when planning a yard sale?

It may seem simple but other things can help you to have a successful yard sale.  It's not just about having great stuff.  Try some of these tips to help maximize your profits (and get rid of more stuff).

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