There’s been a lot of trends that have developed over the course of the year, but there is no denying that freeze dried candy is one of those things that will become increasingly popular in 2023…but why?

Why Is Freeze Dried Candy So Popular?

Freeze dried candy has become increasingly popular due to its “unique texture, intense flavor, longer shelf life, and health benefits.” There are fruits and chocolate-covered snacks, which is perfect for any taste buds and convenient, because you can take it on the go! 

What is Freeze Dried Candy?

The freeze-drying process is unique – it removes all moisture from the candy by exposing it to extremely low temperatures, which makes the texture more light and crispy that is different from regular candy. 

The texture is what sets it apart from other snacks. You may even notice a porous surface on the candy, which allows rehydration upon contact with water or saliva. As you eat it, the flavor becomes more intense and it makes for a fun snack!

The Hype On Social Media

You could partially credit TikTok with this new food trend. 

A video from a candy account on TikTok shows a before & after of what it’s like to make freeze-dried skittles, and tons of people were fascinated by it.

The video was posted in May, but it has gained serious traction since then. However, it’s pretty challenging to find freeze-dried candy in Western New York.

….until now. 

Where Can You Get Freeze-Dried Candy In Western New York?

The World’s Largest Yard Sale returns to the Hamburg Fairgrounds on Friday, September 15, and Saturday, September 16, and you’ll be able to snag some freeze-dried candy there!

Presented by Rustic Buffalo, there will be over 100 local Artisans, Crafters, and Flea Market Vendors. Everyone who attends the World’s Largest Yard Sale gets a $5 Rustic Buffalo Shopping Coupon! Tons of 716 & Buffalo Items!

It’s a huge event every year, and they have more than just freeze-dried candy available. 

Take a look at everything that is featured at the World’s Largest Yard Sale below. 

  • Wine Tasting w/Lakeland Winery both days
  • Great Baked goods from Killa Kookies & Kream
  • Freeze-Dried Candy!
  • Charlaps Ice Cream, Kettle Korn, Craft Beers & Wine Slushies….sip & shop!
  • Saturday…authentic Island fare with Caribbean Flavour
  • TEN LIVES CLUB with HUGE Savings on Pet Treats & Pet Items
  • Halloween, Fall & Christmas Décor, Wreaths, Decorations, Gift Baskets
  • Local Maple products
  • Funko Pops, Hot Wheels, Toys, Video games, DVDs, Board Games
  • Lawn & Garden Items, Pottery, China, Glassware
  • New & Vintage Jewelry, Purses, Shoes, Sunglasses, Bath & Body Products
  • Antiques/Collectibles, Vinyl LPs, Stereo Equipment, Electronics
  • Comic Books, Books, Sports Cards
  • New & Recycled Clothes
  • Furniture/Home Décor
  • Wood Crafts
  • Tools/Kitchen Stuff
  • Baby/Toddler Clothes & Items
  • Thousands of Items! Great Bargains!

Hope to see you there!

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