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You May Be Getting Refund From Erie County Mistake
You may be getting an extra refund check from Erie County soon!
There was a mistake in the calculation of college chargeback totals.
College chargebacks are costs incurred by municipalities when Erie County residents attend community colleges in other counties...
Buffalo News Has Been Sold
The Buffalo News has been sold!
Warren Buffett's company, who's owned it since the about the Blizzard of
77, Berkshire Hathaway, sold it to Lee Enterprises for $140 million.
My partner Charlie Munger and I have known and admired the Lee organization for over 40 years...
YOU BE THE JUDGE: Sunday’s Football Game Vegan Dilemma
We got an email that had us kind of arguing in the studio, so we decided to use it for You Be The Judge.
Clay & Company,
 The Superbowl is this weekend and my husband and I are hosting the big party. My brother is bringing his new fiance --who we haven’t met in person yet.…

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