Be a Cardboard Cutout at Sabres Games This Season!
Obviously, because of COVID, you cannot go to the Key Bank Center for the upcoming Sabres season that gets kicked off on Thursday night at home against Washington.
You could be there, though!
Kind of.
Sabres fans will have the opportunity to be a cardboard cutout of themselves, which will sit in the 20…
How To Make Homemade Yum Yum Sauce Hibachi Lovers!
We were never cooks in our house before quarantine.
It was horrible on the wallet, but we loved going out to eat and dining out, but with quarantine happening, we had to start learning--and learn quick. We seem to have only 7 or 8 meals that we rotate, which is perfect for us, but you will laugh once…
Facebook Is Listening To You
Today Clay had a story about how Facebook has been listening to people conversation through the mobile phone app. While Facebook is kind of denying it, they are saying they only use it to tailor ads for you.
No matter why they are doing it I am not ok with it...
How to Make Buffalo Pierogies [VIDEO]
Everyone from Buffalo is Polish on Dyngus Day, but if you're getting ready to host next year's party or maybe you're craving pierogies, we have you covered.
Take a stab at making some Buffalo-style pierogies. Let us know how you did, too...
Like a Boss
I've been grilling for years. Some of my best summer memories involve hanging out with my dad around the grill. He taught me everything I know about grilling.
But what if this is your first time around the grill and your father-in-law is coming over for his Fourth of July steak? What do you do? …
Throw a frisbee
There are plenty of things in the world that are difficult.  Brain surgery, rocket sciene -- those are a few things that are always referenced when someone is describing something that's hard to do.  Throwing a frisbee is NOT one of those things.
Grilled Cheese
Go ahead, say that title over and over again.  It sounds just as good every time you say it.  Bacon Wrapped anything sounds good to me.  Now put it around a grilled cheese sandwich and we are headed to heart attack heaven.
Home Theatre Hack
Talk about a life hack. Graduate to baller status without having to drop tons of money. With things you can find around the house...and a magnifying glass you can create a theatre right in your house!
How To Pack A Cooler
Summer is officially here on Saturday, which means there are lots of parties coming up.  Whether it's a family reunion or a country concert, the big question is always, "Who is bringing the cooler?"
With these tips, you'll be able to pack a cooler better than your bud…
Peeling Apples
Tired of using your cordless drill for things like screwing in screws and actually drilling things?  Why not use it for something else?  Check out what this innovative chef decided to use his drill for in the kitchen!
Cool Wine Rack
A wine rack doesn't have to cost you a ton of money.  Take this project for example.  It's a simple design made from pallets.  You know the pallets that I'm talking about.  Many businesses throw them out after they receive shipments.  You can find them just ab…

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