Today Clay had a story about how Facebook has been listening to people conversation through the mobile phone app. While Facebook is kind of denying it, they are saying they only use it to tailor ads for you.

No matter why they are doing it I am not ok with it! Talk about feeling violated?! So how do you stop this? You have to turn off the microphone accessibility in the app.

Here is a step by step guide for the iPhone:

1) Go into your SETTINGS

Liz Mantel


2) Once in SETTINGS scroll down to FACEBOOK


3) Once in FACEBOOK click on SETTINGS


4) Once in SETTINGS find the MICROPHONE options and toggle it off


5) Once toggled off your MICROPHONE switch should look like this

Now your microphone is turned off and Facebook is not longer listening to your conversations and monitoring what is going on around you!

Happy Facebooking!