We were never cooks in our house before quarantine.

It was horrible on the wallet, but we loved going out to eat and dining out, but with quarantine happening, we had to start learning--and learn quick. We seem to have only 7 or 8 meals that we rotate, which is perfect for us, but you will laugh once you hear what some of those are.

Homemade Big Macs, Homemade In-N-Out Burger (I know there are none around here, but you have to try them next time you are out of town) and Hibachi with YumYum sauce.

Whether you go to Dao in Orchard Park or Fuji Grill or Shoguns, you can bet that as you eat that chicken fried rice with eggs or hibachi chicken, you're going to need a side of YumYum sauce and we're here to help make that happen:

Super simple just put all this stuff together and mix. And don't over-salt it. It's quite the mistake.

How To Make YumYum Sauce

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