When you decide to have a garage sale or a yard sale, you're depending on people coming to the sale.  With these signs, how could they skip it?

Yard sales can be tricky.  If you don't get people to come to check you stuff out, there's no way to make any money.  You put all this effort into setting up a date, pricing everything (just so that someone can talk you down from it), putting it all out and displaying it so people can see it, and taking the time to be at your yard sale.  It's pretty important that people get there.

That's why our World's Largest Yard Sale is such an awesome idea.  We bring the shoppers for you.  It's mostly indoors so the weather isn't an issue.  We take care of the advertising to draw shoppers.

It's going on this weekend, by the way, so if you're looking to do some shopping, stop out to the Hamburg Fairgrounds on Friday and Saturday (9/16-9/17) from 9-4pm to get some great deals.

But...if you didn't get in to become a vendor in time this year, you might still be hoping to put together a yard sale of your own.  So what's going to get them to come to your house?  Sure, great deals are a good way to move some stuff, but why not get even more creative than that?   Some of the people below took creativity to a whole new level.  Check out the signs that showed what kind of sale they were having, and also had people laughing while they were handing over their money...











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