He's a Broadway Star and he's a Buffalo native. Now, he's coming back home to share his style of fitness with Western New York.

Everyone has their own form of exercise. Some people like to only lift weights. Some would prefer to run on a treadmill. Whether its martial arts classes where you're fighting, or yoga where you're stretching your body to its limits, everyone has their own way of working out. For Nicky Venditti, it's dance.

Don't expect to see lots of weights or gym equipment in Nicky Venditti's fitness center.  This isn't going to be your every day type of gym.

Nicky is from Lancaster and has been dancing on the stage in Broadway's "Wicked" for years. But when doors closed due to COVID in New York City, Nicky decided to come back to his roots and try something different.

So according to WKBW, he will be opening up a fitness center where he will bring his version of dance fitness to Williamsville called Nicky Venditti’s Fitness and Wellness.

"You really do get lost and you just start to release the endorphins and you’re hearing the music so it is like this escapism sort of work out," Nicky Venditti.

For now, the classes will be done virtually, but he hopes to be open fully soon.

Prices will look like this:

  • 1 hour in-person private training: $110
  • 1 hour virtual private training: $85
  • 1 hour lifestyle coaching: $110
  • Get a FREE 15 min consultation + 20% off your first Private Session only in January

Need more info?  Check it all out at NickyVenditti.com.


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