Do You Which Are The Fattest States?
November is Diabetes Awareness month, a good time for some people to re-examine their diets and lifestyle.  The personal finance website WalletHub has done some research into which states in the country might be considered the fattest states and the results might surprise you.
Free Workouts!
Summer is here!  How is the workout schedule treating you?  If you're like many people, the last place you want to be during the beautiful weather is inside.  Now, thanks to Independent Health, you don't have to choose between your favorite workout class and weather.
Treadmill Desk
Are we just trying too hard?  We don't have time in our every day lives to fit regular exercise in along with all the work we have to do.  So LifeSpan developed a "treadmill desk."  It's a desk that has a treadmill connected to it so that you can multitask …

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