A Lancaster Couple Did This: Is It Cute Or Rude?
The incident was caught on camera and at one point there was a picture of their faces of the two people who were putting their names in the heart. We were going to blur them out to protect them some, but since then the picture has been pulled down.

What do you think?
VIDEOS: Big Fire On Broadway in the Lancaster-Depew Area
There was quite the fire over in the Depew Lancaster area on Monday afternoon. The fire, which erupted right before 4pm was located at 4880 Broadway in Depew.
The fire departments responded and controlled the situation, but big damage to the structure and roof at the location...
LOOK: This Trampoline Got Stuck in This Tree in Lancaster
Winds hit 69 mph yesterday in Buffalo.
It was the wind storm that just never seemed to end Sunday going into Monday and Western New Yorkers woke up to quite a mess outside. From fallen over trees and power lines to debris in the middle of the road, it's been a mess this morning. Ton...

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