$1,000,000 winner and the lottery SCREWED UP.

There was a ticket that was sold for the Mega Millions last week in Lancaster that was sold at the corner of Bowen at Broadway. The team of 4 guys bought a bunch of tickets for last Friday's Mega Millions drawing and the hit the lottery. They got 5 of the numbers correct which means they won a 2nd place prize of one million bucks.


The four guys went to the lottery office to take a picture of their obligatory 'check presentation'. But, the lottery screwed it up when their 'checks' were all missing a '0'.


Now, of course these are not the real checks, but IT IS NOT EVERY DAY THAT SOMEONE WINS THE LOTTERY. The Mega Millions jackpot is one of the highest of all time and the jackpot is worth right now $875 million.

Now, because it was a team of 4 guys who were splitting the million dollars, if they take the cash option that would mean that each person gets somewhere in the ballpark of $125,000.

Enough to retire? Probably not, but not a bad pay day of course.

Do you HAVE to publicly need to be identified when you win the lottery? It may not be the answer that you want to hear, but if you win the lottery, you might not care. According to Spectrum:

California, like New York, is a state that requires lottery winners to publicly disclose their identity and hometown to claim their award. Several New Yorkers who've won the lottery in the past few years have hired Long Island attorney Eric Jaffe to help their identities remain a secret.

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