If you have a pet in an apartment in New York State, you are really going to want to follow the rules.

New York State has most strict rules on housing and the landlord vs. tenant relationship. Though, if you have a pet in your apartment they have laws that really favor the landlord and the State makes it easy to evict tenants.

  • If a lease says no pets, that means absolutely no pets.
  • If you violate your lease, that means a landlord can absolutely terminate your lease.
  • Depending on where you live in New York State there is a weird 'loophole'. If you "openly are known for having a pet" by the landlord for a certain time, you can't be evicted due to having pets. The law states: In multiple dwellings in New York City and Westchester County, a no-pet lease clause is deemed waived where a tenant “openly and notoriously” kept a pet for at least three months and the owner of the building or the owner’s agent had knowledge of this fact. However, this protection does not apply to public housing or where the animal causes damage, is a nuisance, or substantially interferes with other tenants", According to the New York State law.

One house in New York State had some crazy things written on the inside walls by a tenant. They did not like their landlord and they made sure that he knew it. Take a look at some of the rude and crazy things that they wrote on the walls here. The house has since sold.

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