After a recent event at a bar in Nashville, Tennessee, there are some lawmakers who are considering a new law that would affect outdoor-rooftop bars. Could the same be the case for New York State?

Popular country music star, Morgan Wallen, was recently arrested and charged with 3 felony counts after tossing a chair off a bar in downtown Nashville. This is another chapter in what has been a roller coaster story for the singer/song writer.

The news from Music City about this event has people across the nation talking and wondering what is next for Morgan Wallen?

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But there is also a larger discussion that is happening among lawmakers and law enforcement. Should rooftop bars/patios and restaurants be required to add some sort of protection/netting to keep things like this from happening? It almost seemed to easy for a chair to be thrown off a tall building.

A recent survey from Fox News in Nashville shows that people want things to be more safe as well.

Back here in the Empire State, as we are getting ready for the outdoor bar and patio season, it begs the question; will New York State require similar protection at these locations?

In New York City, there are some amazing rooftop locations to have some drinks with friends.

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