The winter weather has puts it's grip on much of the United States and here in New York State, environmental officials are already concerned about what the spring might bring. There is a good chance that something that only happens every thirteen to seventeen years is about to take place in 2024.

The spring months in New York are typically chilly and wet. However, the last few years, for whatever reason you buy in to, the spring has been rather mild and dry. That pattern may also add to the rise of a certain life form that is waiting in the ground below your feet in The Empire State.

Once the snow has melted and the spring sun shines, there could be millions of cicada bugs waiting to emerge.

According to most reports about these noisy bugs, it may take one more year before New York State residents have to deal with the outbreak that some other states are about to see in 2024. There are two varieties of cicada that are going to emerge this year in some states.

Cicada Mania website says that:

Alabama, north-west half of Arkansas, north-west Georgia, southeast Iowa, southern Illinois, south-west Indiana, western Kentucky, northern Louisiana, Maryland in St. Mary’s County, Missouri, Mississippi, central North Carolina, eastern Oklahoma, western South Carolina, Tennessee, eastern Virginia.

Once you have heard the sound of the cicada, it feels like summer. Those hot and humid days, when the breeze is barely blowing, it seems like the cicada is the audio version of a thermometer as if their zinging buzz is telling us that it is ridiculously hot out. Those days sound pretty good after the weather that we saw across the United States this past week. The winter is not over yet and summer is still 150-ish days away. However, it is never to early to dream about those nice days in June and July in New York State.

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